Play For James

Play For James Goes Online

If you’re reading this post you already know that The Play for James Foundation is now online!

Our new web site, gives a ton of information about our charitable (501(c) 3) Foundation, its mission, programs, plans and, of course, about James.

As the baseball season is now in full swing, it seems particularly fitting that we’re able to add to the effective reach of our messaging about the Play for James Foundation at this time.

Those of us involved in the Foundation know that James would be thrilled if we’re able to use The Play for James Foundation online platform to turn some of his broader dreams into realities. And this new web site is an important step in that direction.

In fact, online communication is absolutely essential to our success and we’re really eager to see the results of what has been a true team effort of Foundation supporters to get the site up and running.

James touched so many people, particularly in the baseball community, who will now have the opportunity to see his legacy play out, 24/7, regardless of where they may be. Ideally, they may also be inspired to follow his lead when it comes to helping others, volunteerism and giving back in meaningful ways.

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