What goes around comes around… in a good way

One of the goals of the Play for James Foundation is to provide opportunities for underprivileged kids to play organized baseball in safe, supportive settings, with experienced coaching and quality equipment. For many of us, these “basics” are things we take for granted. Others are not nearly as fortunate.

Thankfully, there are people and organizations who share these aspects of our mission. One of these, Leveling the Playing Field founded by Max Levitt, was recently profiled in a Washington Post article.

If you didn’t see it (it was picked up on broadcast media as well), click on http://wpo.st/YsGE2 and take a look. You’ll see that Max and his group are doing a really great job on behalf of some very deserving kids.

Here in New Jersey we’re hoping to put a similar equipment donation program together, so stay tuned. That catcher’s gear, fielder’s glove or youth league baseball bat your kids have outgrown may soon have a “second career” in store.