Attorney, Sportsman, Children’s Advocate

A graduate of the University of Rochester and Brandies School of Law at the University of Louisville, Michael has been a practicing attorney for nearly four decades and is now the senior partner at his firm, focusing on the healthcare arena. During that time he’s generously applied his legal talents and boundless energies to a host of non-profit and charitable causes.

Having long been involved in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industries, he is a past president of the Thoroughbred Breeders Association of New Jersey and Board Member and legal counsel for the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, the nation’s leading equine rescue charity. Following in the Louisville tradition of basketball excellence, Michael has also volunteered his time coaching and teaching “hoops” to local youngsters for over 20 years. His many championship teams have been a source of pride as well as a host of scholarships awards to needy and deserving boys and girls.

“Every day is new. It’s a blank page. We should fill each one with things that matter, but are sometimes forgotten…love, respect, charity.”

A father of two, Michael performs perhaps an even more important role as Vice-Chairman of Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation, the preeminent hospital provider of pediatric rehabilitation services in the United States. Now, in Michael, CSH and the Play for James Foundation get to share this true champion for children and young people facing some of life’s most difficult challenges.