Attorney, Child Welfare Specialist, Professional Athlete Management Representative

Greg is the Ohio State Executive Director for Necco, a non-profit organization helping individuals, troubled children and young adults overcome adversity, build families and provide opportunities to lead healthy, successful lives.

After earning his law degree from the University of Louisville in 2011, Greg returned home to West Virginia to continue his lifelong work with abused and neglected children served by Necco. He also launched Key Player Management Group, a professional sports management agency.

“It’s an honor to be a member of the Koehler family and part of an organization reflecting James’ passion and selfless concern for others.”

It was during law school that Greg met James. In the years that followed, as Greg will tell you, they became best friends and brothers. Greg knew and treasured James’ pure, kind heart and his passion for helping others. It’s this passion that Greg hopes to match each and every day in his work with children and athletes, and now as a part of the Foundation that will carry on James’ work.