Sales and Marketing Executive

Dave has been a “people person” from the start. Growing up on Long Island, New York his love of sports, teamwork and community service led him to St. John University, a degree in Criminal Justice, and a 4-year “tour” on the school’s golf team.

Today, Dave is Worldwide Sales and Marketing Manager for Dan-Mar Components Inc., a leading global distributor of electronic components and devices for the technology sector (in addition to being one of the region’s top amateur golfers).

“In her diary Anne Frank says that no one has ever become poor by giving. I believe we should all remember that and take it to heart.”

While his college career path may have changed, 25 years later Dave still has a passion for helping others, serving as a director for both the Play for James Foundation and Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation, devoted to oncology and hematology research. He and his wife Christine also bring their sense of compassion and boundless energy to a wide range of local community service initiatives on behalf of children and the disadvantaged.