Tony Vlahovic

A Baseball Tradition: Stepping Up to the Plate to Help Others

Baseball is in the Play for James Foundation’s DNA. It was a big part of James’ life and continues to be the launching pad for many of the Foundation’s charitable efforts. The U.S. Special Olympics baseball team is representative of the deserving organizations we want to help. If you’re not familiar with the Special Olympics Program, you’ll want to check out the accompanying story about Tony Vlahovic, a true “baseball guy” who, for years, has been sharing his talents, compassion and kindness with young athletes facing significant challenges not only on the ball field but in daily life. Click here to check out the fantastic work Tony does on behalf of the players (and their families) who make up the U.S. Special Olympics baseball team. It’s sure to inspire you and, we hope, remind you why the Play for James Foundation is so committed to charitable outreach that goes well beyond the baseball diamond and touches all members of the community.